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CoRe (Collections and Resources)

CoRe – refers to the Collections and Resources of UP Mindanao Library.  The broad categories of CoRe are types, formats, and curricular programs.  Under each category are sub-categories that are searchable on our online public access catalog (OPAC), an integrated library system powered by Koha. 

For a quick and immediate response to your research requirements, you might want to click on any of the following collections and information resources available:

  • Almanacs and Yearbooks contain data, numbers, or facts on specific topics.
  • Bibliographies are lists of recommended readings on a certain topic, arranged either alphabetically, or by subject area.
  • Dictionaries, Glossaries define the meaning of terms and concepts, both general and in specific fields of study, while Thesaurus usually provides a word’s synonym, and sometimes its antonym. 
  • Encyclopedias include concise, and usually comprehensive descriptions of topics that are arranged alphabetically, with an index per volume, or an entire set.
  • Handbooks have an overview of academic research on a topic.
  • Manuals are how-to guides to research methods and other topics of one’s interest and skills. 
  • Maps and Atlases are Geographical Resources that encompass the earth’s physical and natural descriptions.   

In addition to books, monographs, and serials, other formats of information resources are composed of the following:

  • Archives and Records are the University’s official transactions kept under custody by the University Library.  Some of these are viewable, but most are on restricted access. 
  • Museum Artefacts and Realia are usually art pieces, and realia, are three-dimensional objects of the University’s historical account through the years.  
  • Newspapers contain the latest developments of the local, national, and global scene as recorded in print copies.
  • Periodicals are similar to a newspaper, but these are issued on a periodic basis like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. 
  • Serials are either news accounts, or professional journals that are published in a series numbered consecutively. 

The UP Mindanao Library also has special collections incorporated into the resources available.  These are composed of donations, gifts, and exchanges from the: