By 2025, the DACUN Library Committee envisions to expand its reach by collaborating and linking with advanced networks, and stabilize the connectivity and infrastucture of its library and information systems.


We are a network of academic libraries mandated to support the instruction, research, and extension agenda of our institutions, committed to the development of wholeness in our students and all users through sustained technologies and innovation.


To collaborate network, and link with other library organizations and associations for global reach and significance.

To continually develop the professional posture of our member librarians and staff in response to dynamic and changing library and information environment.

To engage in entrepreneurial ventures that will uplift the socio-economic well-being of our library professionals and staff.

To develop information literate students who are responsible and ethical participants in society by integrating the agenda, needs, and requirements of Academic Libraries.

To regularly publish the DACUN Abstracts International (DAI) and DACUN Index to Periodicals (DIP), and other information retrieval tools to enhance the accessibility of our resources, and as alternative venues to the researches, requirements and publications of our students, faculty, and staff.

To implement community service and extension programs to our diverse and marginalized information literate populace as an expression of the Committee’s social responsibility.

To stabilize the DACUN Library Network by installing high-powered connectivity and infrastructures with relevant user applications. 


The 2023 DACUN (Davao Colleges and Universities Network Inc.) General Assembly

Conveyed on July 24, 2023, at Ateneo de Davao University, uniting educational leaders and stakeholders from diverse institutions. The event’s proceedings commenced with an afternoon boards meeting, followed by the general assembly, featuring representatives from various institutions.
A significant highlight of the assembly was the ceremonial presentation of the solemn Oath of Office by the board of trustees. This symbolic act strongly underscored the unwavering commitment of educational leaders to their respective institutions and the advancement of education within the regions. Read More

DACUN LibCom Opens 15th Phil-BIST

The Davao Colleges Universities Network (DACUN) has embarked on its remarkable 15th year of the Philippines-Book, Information Science, Technology (Phil-BIST) Conference and Book Fair, Radiating its dedication to knowledge dissemination. Held at the RSM Events Center within the Philippines Women’s College of Davao, the event commenced on August 8, 2023, heralding three days of devoted intellectual exploration. Beyond the highly anticipated DACUN Conference and its 19.5 CPD Points, the 15th Phil-BIST also boasts the participation of over 30 exhibitors from across the nations in its vibrant Book Fair. Read More

15th Phil-BIST Activities

Mass, Ribbon, Conference Day1

Mass, Ribbon, Conference Day1

Mass, Ribbon, Conference Day1

College and University Library Members

Assumption College of Davao

Ateneo de Davao University

Brokenshire College

Davao Doctors College

Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc.

Rizal Memorial Colleges, Inc.

San Pedro College

Philippine Women's College of Davao

University of the Immaculate Conception

University of Mindanao

University of Southern Philippines

University of the Philippines Mindanao

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