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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can use UP Mindanao libraries and their resources?
UP Mindanao’s 3 colleges and main libraries serve the University’s current faculty, students, staff, and researchers who hold valid UP Mindanao IDs. While the University Library Organic Act and Its Implementing Rules and Regulations stipulate admittance, borrowing, returning, and loans, service hours vary at certain times of the year. For information on a specific library, visit the University Library’s portal.

Are the libraries open to the public?
The libraries are open to the public, provided, certain conditions are met. Among these is a letter of referral from the agency or office where one is connected and a valid ID. The college and main libraries accommodate visitors on different days of the week and hours of the day. Borrowing privileges are limited to room use only.

Who can use online resources available through the UP Mindanao Libraries website?
UP Mindanao libraries have access to both paid subscriptions, and free and open access (FOSS and OA) online resources. Free access is available to everyone, whereas, the paid ones are available only to UP Mindanao constituents. 

How would I find out if the libraries have a particular book or periodical I need?
Visit the UP Mindanao Library’s OPAC to search for   3-D artefacts and realia, analytics and indicesbooks and pamphlets, cartographic materials, computer files, digital resources, graphic materials, manuscripts, microforms, monographs and printed sheets, motion pictures, music, serials, sound recordings, theses and dissertations, and video recordings.  Our curriculum-based resources are in the fields of agribusiness economics, anthropology, architecture, biology, communication arts, computer science, development studies, English (creative writing), exercise and sports science, food science, food technology, management, mathematics (applied), research (PhD), and urban and regional planning.  The University Library also manages archives and records, and museum artifacts.    

Does UP Mindanao Library System participate in Interlibrary Loan?
Yes, but only faculty members can avail of this privilege and for specific purposes approve in writing to the University Librarian through the College Librarian. Consult your college librarian to obtain materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Does the UP Mindanao Library System participate in networking and linkages?
Yes, UP Mindanao is the lead convenor and an active member of the DACUN DACUN (Davao Colleges and Universities Network) Library Committee which implements networking programs and activities.  It is also the convenor and active member of MASTSLiNet (Mindanao Association of State Tertiary Schools Library Network). 

Can I get a copy of a UP Mindanao thesis, or strategic plan?
Theses and strategic plans defended at UP Mindanao have a copy available at the college library where the student or researcher finished a degree.  Another copy is at the Main Library for preservation purposes. The college copy can only be read and not photocopied. The archival copy at the Main Library can never be borrowed, read, or photocopied.

Can UP Mindanao alumni use the libraries?
Alumnae and alumni have access privileges to the libraries for up to a cumulative of 5-day visits only. After these, alumni and alumnae will be subject to the rules and policies of the UP Mindanao Library. A valid alumni ID is required for each entry. For contact information for the libraries, talk to our virtual librarian, or visit the University Library portal.  

Can we see the full text of the Library books in the OPAC?
ANSWER: No. You can only view the bibliographic information of each book available in the Library.

Can our friends from other schools use the UP Mindanao Library?
ANSWER: Yes, and they shall be guided by the following:

(As Approved at the 1039th Meeting of the Board of Regents Held on 14 March 1991)


Sec. 17. Use of Libraries by Non-Members. Non-members of the University may use the library resources within library premises under the following conditions:

a. Alumni, former faculty members, and students honorably discharged from the
University may use the library resources for five (5) days without charge within a
semester. Beyond five (5) days, certain fees shall be assessed.
b. Graduate students and researchers may use the library resources upon
recommendation of their respective officials and upon payment of the library fees.
c. Certain fees shall be assessed for the use of microforms and microform equipment,
audio-visuals, electronic media, and computer facilities.

The usage of cross registrants and government agency researchers which is also limited to 5 days without charge, will be qualified in the implementing guidelines.

Is the Library open on weekends?
ANSWER: The University Library observes the following Library Hour:

Monday – Friday : 8:00AM – 6:00PM PST (no noon break; face to face)
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
Holidays: Closed

Can the theses be loaned out for home reading? And can we photocopy them?
ANSWER: No, it is for Library Room Use Only. Theses are unpublished materials, and could not be reproduced in whatever form.